I couldn’t for the life of me finish my lunch, so I took the teaspoon or so of umeboshi that was on my plate and mixed it in with plain white (cooked) rice. The bite I just took gave me the chills and made my eye twitch! 😆



Experimental Leftovers

No food from yesterday since I was really busy 😀

Breakfast = Smoothie: carrot, cucumber, banana, kale, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water.

Picture 060

Picture 062

Lunch = An open faced sandwich with leftovers. The layers: flax corn bread, vegenaise, mashed jicama, sprouts (grown by me!), portobello sausage:

Picture 001

Picture 002

And wild rice (raw, soaked for 4 days) with sea vegetables and umeboshi:

Picture 003

Picture 005

I’ll be honest here, I was worried about the sea vegetables since I have serious issues with anything tasting even remotely fishy. I tried and really couldn’t handle it. I’m totally sold on sea vegetables but I need to find a kind and form that will work for me. Maybe dried and roasted? Umeboshi is crazy intense but I’ll figure out a way to incorporate it no matter what.

Weekend Un-Cooking

I’m behind but here’s what I made this weekend (all raw!):

Portobello Sausage

Picture 007

Picture 008

Flax Corn Bread:

First I ground the flax seeds. Worked great in this coffee grinder type blender that I have.

Picture 015

Then mixed all of the ingredients:

Picture 016

The dough all mixed:

Picture 018

Then spread on the dehydrator:

Picture 019

And here it’s ready to dehydrate:

Picture 021

Mashed “Potatoes” = Jicama & Cashews:

I had never seen a jicama before let alone tried one. This is what it looks like:

Picture 006

And peeling it was easy – just get it started with a knife then it’s like peeling a banana!

Picture 009

I blended it up, strained out the excess liquid, pureed soaked cashews and mixed it all together:

Picture 010

Picture 012

Mashed and drained jicama all by itself:

Picture 011

Picture 013  And here’s a meal. It’s in a tupperware because I was on my way out the door. Sorry it’s not prettier!

Picture 023

Friday’s Food

Pre-Breakfast = 12oz decaf soy latte. Not raw but I just felt like it.

Breakfast = Smoothie: banana, kale leaf, carrot, 2 kiwi, 1/2 cup oats 3/4 cup water. It was good and I’m getting good at eliminating fruit. I experimented and left the skin on the kiwis (after a good scrubbing of course). They taste good! I felt like I added too much water today so it didn’t taste as good as I would have liked. Made 2 smoothies (like always) at 210 calories each.

Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 003

Snack#1 =  celery and raw almond butter.

Picture 004

Lunch = Salad: kelp noodles, sprouted lentils, 1/2 avocado. Dressing: sesame oil, liquid aminos, rice vinegar.

Picture 005

Snack #2 = Mana bread + vegenaise.

Beverage = Multi-Green Kombucha.

Picture 006

I’ll try to post this weekend too.

Sprout Update

But first last night’s dinner: no picture because I never ate it! I was actually my lunch but I wasn’t hungry so I brought it home and husband ate it – and he even knew it was raw 😀

But here’s what it was: zucchini pasta with pesto. The pesto was basil, lemon juice, cashew cheese. Lemony, basily, and creamy. Yum.

And the sprout update. Here they are on Thursday morning:

Picture 002 Picture 005

And here they are this morning:

Picture 013

See all the green??? It’s exciting! Although I think they’re supposed to have green leaves I’m not entirely sure….so that means I don’t know when they’re “done”…

I also went grocery shopping last night. After having spent 2 days on the bus reading my cookbooks, taking notes, planning, writing shopping lists I ventured out. I have some ideas planned for meals. But they all take 2 days. For example one recipe I have to soak nuts overnight, then make the dish and dehydrate it overnight = 2 days. And a wild rice salad and the wild rice has to soak for 4 days. So planning is going to be essential if I don’t want to eat salads for every meal.

I’m cleaning out the kitchen on Sunday and getting the cupboards and pantry raw-ified. That will help me to be able to think more clearly. So for now I’ve set everything to soaking.

Catch Up

So this post is for yesterday’s food. I was busy and had a lot of adoption stuff going on.

Breakfast = Smoothie: banana, carrot, 2 kale leaves, 1 mango 1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup water. I’m trying to cut down on fruit as much as possible. I know too much fruit isn’t a good thing and I want to avoid the sugars.

Picture 006 Picture 008

Snack = Mana bread with Vegenaise

Picture 009

Lunch = Leftover salad from the day before. Yum!

Picture 011

I really wasn’t that hungry, and besides I went to Christine Gregoire’s Bellevue Campaign Headquarters to make phone calls so I was distracted. If you live in Washington State: PLEASE vote for Chris Gregoire!!!


I Want Last Week Back!

I’ve been dissatisfied and hungry all day 😦 I want last week back where I was satisfied and hardly ever hungry at all. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong except that I don’t have any Mana bread. I’m wondering if I need the grain. Even though it’s not raw I feel better about it after reading this. The one I buy is the rye version. Maybe I’ll keep eating it??? I will until I can start making my own bread in the dehydrator. A lot more work than it sounds. First I have to sprout the grains…

Breakfast = Smoothie: banana, 1/2 small cantaloupe, 2 kale leaves, 2 kiwis, 1 package hemp smoothie powder from Nutiva. Made 2 large glasses of 240 calories each.

Picture 001 Picture 002

Snack #1 = Celery and cashew cheese (no recipe yet sorry!). Estimated calories eaten: 100?

Picture 003

Lunch = Cabbage salad with tempeh burger (not raw but I was really hungry today). Dressing: vegenaise, liquid aminos, rice vinegar. Total calories: 290

Picture 005

Snack #2 = dried fruit and raw almond butter. This was soooooooo good! Estimated calories: 200 😳

Picture 004

So I think I convinced myself that I need to go out and buy Mana bread again until I can make (sprout + dehydrate) my own.

I brought my raw cookbooks on the bus with me this morning so I could plan and be inspired, but it’s hard to think when you’re hungry. Only feeling a little bit discouraged today. Tomorrow will be better!