Ultimate Smoothie!

Ultimate smoothie: banana, hemp seeds, green powder, flax meal, maca, acai, bee pollen, blue green algae, goji berries. WOW!

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Superfood Smoothie

This is a new one since I just stocked up on some new superfoods I had never tried before.

Banana, carrot, goji berries, maca powder, acai powder.

As you can see it’s not green, which is always a nice change! I have a green smoothie for later.

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It’s really a smoothie day for me as I’ve been so bad lately about eating in general and felt I need a bit of a boost or cleanse.

This one is not tasty at all but I’m going to drink it anyhow: kale, cilantro, cucumber, zucchini, tomato, hemp seeds. It’s really chewy (yuck) and bitter so I added stevia to it. I’d throw it away but it is good for me and I hate to waste food.

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Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

I had some ready ingredients lying around this weekend so I decided to make raw cookies! I’d say they turned out really well…

Ingredients were: soaked pumpkin seeds, dried figs, cacao nibs, maple syrup, raw oatmeal, all blended together. Then dehydrated for several hours.

They were delicious!

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Not A Food Log

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve decided that this blog will not be a food log of every morsel I put into my mouth. Instead it will be a place for me to post pictures and recipes that I think are interesting. I’ll probably still continue to log my smoothie everyday, though since I think it’s interesting and a good reference for me.


Learning to Like Mushrooms

I HATE mushrooms. Putting one near my mouth makes me gag. But I found that if they’re well hidden then I can totally handle them, which makes me excited because they’re so versatile in recipes. I made some kind of…I don’t know….meatball/burger type thing the other day. Here it is:

Picture 007

Along with some walnut cheese and cilantro, which I love as a salad green.

So the dark blobs in the picture are: marinated portobello mushrooms, shallot, olive oil, herbs/spices, raw soaked walnuts, raw soaked pumpkin seeds – doh! and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember.
Walnut cheese: made it this morning: raw soaked walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, umeboshi plum, liquid aminos, 1 carrot. This turned out very salty! I was going to add nutritional yeast but just couldn’t. I think if I had added a nori sheet it would have been a dead ringer for salmon pate! So awesome 🙂

Below picture is a zucchini wrap (pictured yesterday), a mushroom burger, walnut cheese, and cilantro:

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My smoothie from the last 2 days has been: banana, kale, carrot, hemp seeds, almond milk, flax meal, green powder.

And in other exciting news I found out that all it takes for Nathan to drink a green smoothie in the morning is for me to make one for him and leave it in the fridge! Easy peasy. 🙂


Not in epic proportions mind you but there are 2!

1) Stupid stupid spaghetti squash 👿 It’s a long story. The idea was to eat it raw. First of all it took me minutes to even get it cut in half. The stupid thing is hard as a rock so scraping it with a spoon (to get the “strands” out) was obviously not going to happen. So I thought I’d shave it on the mandoline then scrunch it up or something. So I had to peel it first – dangerous and time consuming. I ended up with a bowl full of something that looked nothing like spaghetti.

And that was just one half!!! I finally thought screw it – and baked the other half. It must have baked for 2 hours. Scraping out the spaghetti-like pulp was easy now. But even then it was still crunchy!

Overall spaghetti squash is super frustrating to work with and unless you’re going to cook it it’s not worth it. I think a good compromise is what’s in my lunch for today: cooked spag squash with raw marinara sauce – which in itself is loaded with veggies. There’s kelp noodles in there too…

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2) Miso soup. I’m really really trying so hard to be open, but this is just not going to work for me. Recipe: miso, enoki mushroms, sprouted soy beans, dulse. Just not good at all.

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I did have one semi-success. Or at least the start to a potentially awesome recipe. It was supposed to be a wrap that I could use for a burrito. The recipe called for zucchini, flax, herbs…some other stuff. Basically that’s it. So essentially it’s a zucchini fruit roll-up. One of my trays I was able to peel it off and the other came up in pieces and was more like chips. I didn’t really follow the recipe (like I should have) so it came out tasting exactly like south indian food! The flavor is maybe a mix between a dosa, idli, and rassam – all in pancake form. Actually quite quite awesome. So now I have all sorts of ideas brewing in my head! I can’t wait to try them all out 😀

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