Live Blogging Juice Fast Day #1

I’ll be updating this thoughout the day.

11:00am: snacked on radishes and a kale leaf

1:30pm: Juice #1: 1/2 bunch of spinach, 3 roma tomatoes, 1 lime with the peel – it gave the drink a very complex deep lime flavor!, and only 1/2 apple as I’m trying to restrict any high sugar fruits to an absolute minimum.

4:30pm: Juice #2: 1/2 bunch of spinach, radish greens from 1 bunch of radishes, 1 carrot, 1 banana. Yes the banana has a lot of sugar, but it will be the only one I eat today. And by the way it doesn’t go through the juicer at all! It just went straight into the pulp discharge. Not a drop into the juice bowl, but I did put it in first so any remnants of it would get pushed through. Afterwards I added the liquefied banana to the spinach carrot juice.

7:00pm: broke juicing fast to spend a nice evening with husband ❤

I’ll pick up on juice fasting again tomorrow and last as long as I can. I’d love to build up to several days, but it’s hard when I’m the only one doing it. Definitely a challenge – even for less than 1 day, but I suppose it gets to be much easier after the first couple of days.

Until tomorrow!


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