Raw Thai and More

Raw food dinner from earlier this week – phad thai. Kelp noodles, zucchini noodles, green bell pepper, scallions, cilantro for garnish. The peanut sauce was: peanut butter, sesame oil, garlic chili sauce, ginger, garlic, water. To die for. Side note: I made it again for lunch the next day and used almond butter instead and I honestly could not tell the difference!

Picture 012

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Everything Tastes Better…..

In a pretty cup!!!

Here’s my daily chia porridge but served in a lovely mug given to me for my birthday by dear friend

Laurene ❤

Picture 002

Chia Nutritional Data

I realized I had never posted pics of the bottle I bought.

Picture 003

Picture 002


Picture 005

Please note that the seeds came whole but I ground them in my coffee grinder. Not only do I think it makes a better texture, but I do not believe that the body is capable of breaking down the seeds in whole form – therefore you are not absorbing any of the nutrients. The same goes for hemp seeds! Always grind to assimilate.

Something New Everyday

I bought an eggplant last week with the intention of making eggplant jerky out of it. The last time I made it I believe that it was cut up and marinated several hours before dehydrating.
Last night when I was making this batch I simply basted the pieces with liquid aminos and sprinkled nutritional yeast on top, then dried them overnight. They didn’t turn out like jerky at all – they are like chips! Definitely yummy but they have a “freeze-dried” texture to them. I’m not disappointed per-se but I guess I learned something new.
Final verdict is that because they weren’t marinated first there wasn’t enough moisture and they just dried right up. I like both ways and it is good to know the difference.

Here you go:

Picture 001 

Picture 002

The whole eggplant makes 2 servings of “chips”. It’s a fast, easy, and delicious way to eat a half of a raw eggplant.

I Did It!

I took the plunge and bought a Champion Juicer. All of the attempts I made to try to make beet juice with strainers and mesh bags were ridiculous at best. It was used and so I got it for about half of new. The woman said it was a year old and she had only used it a couple of times. My first attempt making beet juice was very successful! It was however messy and awkward – but I will get better at it!


I know the benefits, but have sooo many reservations about juicing in general. Amongst them are:

  • Taking out all of the fiber, which is good for you
  • What to do with all of the pulp

Hmmm…..so that wasn’t soooo many, was it?

In case you’re wondering about benefits – like why the hell wouldn’t you just eat the freaking vegetable or put it in the blender? Here’s what I learned:

http://www.healthrecipes.com/fast20.htm (I was going to list out benefits but that would take too long)

I did get a good tip from Melissa, a juice guru along with Aleesha. Melissa recommended making crackers using the pulp! Genius! I’m hoping she’ll share a recipe with me 😉 I’ve heard you can also add some or all of the pulp back into the juice. There are also raw pates and burgers you can make. Or if you’re going the cooked route then added to meatloaves, muffins, or soups.

However, this week I averaged 33 grams of fiber per day, so maybe the fiber extracted from juicing is simply a casualty of the process?

From my research I also learned that if you’re going to juice fast one day a week (which I think is a GREAT idea) to use vegetables and not fruits because of the sugar. Beets and carrots being the exception because they have too much sugar in them – even though they’re technically veggies. SHEESH! So much to think about! I need to get myself down to the Goodwill (see item #18) or to half-price books to get a book on juicing.

And apparently the Champion can do more than just juice. I guess if you use different blanks you can make nut butters or smoothies instead of just juice and you can even grind your own flour!!! Yeah for super parents-in-law who got us a bread machine for Christmas so I can experiment with sprouted rye berry and sunflower seed bread. Mmmmmmm!

Melissa is also the woman, by the way, who “introduced” me – (via her super-duper inspiring blog about her son) to chia porridge.


Calorie deficit for Thursday 1/29 = 714


I’ve slowly been introducing my colleagues to all of the “weird” foods that I eat, and every time I’m met with silence and wide eyes. Then maybe an “interesting” comment.
But I considered it a HUGE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC accomplishment on my part when a colleague (my boss actually) told me today that she made herself a banana spinach smoothie today!!!
The other colleague in the room, however looked like she was about to vomit….I just don’t understand! I really really don’t.

So, said boss-person is into healthy living so I told her about my chia porridge and hemp milk. She had never heard of EITHER! But was very interested and wrote them down. She had also not heard of stevia either.

I promised to bring in my kelp noodle salad next week…

I WILL transform the eating habits of the planet – 1 person at a time!

Which makes my next topic seem wildly inappropriate. And that is my confession that I had to restart my bodybugg program less than 2 weeks into it because I wasn’t losing weight because I’ve been really really bad 😳

It was restarted on Tuesday so here are stats:

Tuesday = 586 deficit
Wednesday = 489 deficit
Thursday = will let you know tomorrow.

How many times have I said this now – like 1,000? I need to start working out…Then the calorie thing wouldn’t be a struggle. It would be easy – and who doesn’t like easy???

In other news I’ve just coincidentally been eating mostly raw! Just because of the porridge for breakfast, then carrots, celery, red bell pepper, and avocado not to mention my banana-spinach smoothie make up the rest of my day (before dinner). Other non-raw things I’ve been eating have been Sunflower Rye Bread (wheat free, very dense, thin and chewey) and Kefir Cheese, and a hard boiled egg. Last night I had a 99% fat free turkey burger, which is weird because I NEVER want meat!

Hemp Milk Take 2

I found a new hemp milk that is totally unsweetened. The one I posted about last time was just the “original” which had brown rice syrup in it. See nutrition facts for this unsweetened one in the pictures below .
Biggest difference in my opinion? 60 fewer calories and 19 fewer carbs!
I did a side-by-side taste test and the unsweetened one is not as creamy, but totally unnoticeable in my porridge. And I don’t foresee a time when I’ll be drinking it by the glass anyhow. The way I see it you might as well buy the unsweetened one and sweeten it with zero calorie
stevia (which is a plant – not an artificial sweetener)

Without further ado – the pictures:

Picture 002Picture 001 

So my chia porridge was only 160 calories this morning, which is good because I went way over my caloric goal yesterday. I still had my 500 calorie deficit, but still…I was annoyed at myself.

Here’s the updated nutritional profile for my chia porridge:

160 calories has:


Following posts will update you on my calorie deficits and weight, etc!